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Phone Calling allows your iPhone to make and receive calls while your Mac acts as a connected interface. If your phone rings while you're at your computer and the phone is physically nearby , the call can come in through the computer, and you can answer it there. It's very similar to FaceTime, with two differences. First, you can take and make phone calls to any phone number. Second, your iPhone needs to be physically near your Mac during the call.

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If the call is coming from someone on a supported Apple device, you'll have the option to turn the phone call into a video call. Instant Hotspot is a great feature for people who work remotely in spaces that don't always have reliable Wi-Fi. It works like any other hotspot, in that it lets your Mac use your iPhone's cell connection for Internet, but it's made simpler. From the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac, you'll see an option to connect to your phone, no need to enter passwords or even wake up your phone. Instant Hotspot only works if you have a data plan with Personal Hotspot included.

It'll either help you set it up, or you'll see a message saying you need to contact your carrier. SMS lets you get text messages on your Mac from people who are texting you from any phone number.

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Without Continuity, you can get text messages in the Messages Mac app as long as those messages come from another Apple device using the Messages app. Continuity, however, opens it up to all text messages from any device. Which Devices Work? To use Continuity, and especially the Handoff feature, you'll need a Mac of some kind and an iOS device with an active cellular plan.

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  4. Here are the devices that will work: How to Set Up Continuity 1. You're best off with the latest operating systems for both. Check that Handoff is enabled on your iOS device. And that's it. It's so simple, but you won't see any verification message that it's working. The only way to tell is to try it. Open Messages on your Mac. Create a new message and type a few letters into the body. Don't send it, though. Now, with your iPhone locked, look for an icon in the lower left corner. You should see the Message app icon. Swipe up, unlock the phone, and you should be dropped right into the Messages app with your draft loaded.

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    Next, try Handoff from iOS to Mac. This time we'll use Safari. Open Safari on your iPhone and wait a few seconds. Now look on the dock in your Mac. On the very far left side, you should see an icon appear. In my case, I was using Safari on my iPhone, but my default Web browser on the Mac is Google Chrome, so my Web activity was made available in the browser of my choice.

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    6. Start with Google Drive.
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      How to Set Up Messages in iCloud on Mac and iPhone

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