There are lots of these applications available, and many of them are either free or allow you to at the very least scan your Mac for free to find out whether you need to take action. Be careful, however.

How To Clear Mac System Storage 2018 - iStore Way

We recommend using CleanMyMac X. It can identify thousands of malware threats, including adware, spyware, ransomware, worms, cryptocurrency miners. And if CleanMyMac finds something suspicious, it will offer immediate removal.

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  • Harddisk is suddenly full.

The benefit of restoring from Time Machine is that you can do it quickly and easily by booting into the recovery partition and you can choose to backup to a state just before your Mac started behaving erratically. You could manually copy files from your Mac to another drive or cloud storage service before you restore and then copy them back afterwards. However, if one of those files is infected, you risk contaminating your Mac all over again. This is a ground-zero approach. That means re-installing all your applications and copying all your data back to your Mac afterwards.

If you have a recent backup of your data, from before your Mac became infected, you can use that to copy data from after you re-install. Creating one is beyond the scope of this article, but there is a comprehensive guide here. Restart your Mac, holding down Command-R and do the following:. As you can see, there are many different ways to remove a virus from a Mac, depending on how badly infected it is and what kind of virus it is. It can be fixed! Ivan Exploring latest tech trends.

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  • Startup Disk Full on Mac OS.
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Apple obsessed. Type the following exactly as written, one line at a time, each line followed by the return key. When you restart the machine, it will take you through the entire setup and registration process all over again. When you do so, create a brand new account with Admin privileges.

Give it a simple and disposable name since you will delete it later. Do not choose the option to transfer or migrate information to the Mac.

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When it completes, log in under that new account, change your previous account back to Admin, and log out. Log in using your old account, which will now have its Admin privileges restored. Delete the throwaway account you just created. May 6, 3: Hello John, thanks for the very detailed advice.

Regarding the first point, I think whatever corruption I have has corrupted my combo drive also - when I put the installation DVD in, it just comes straight back out and when I look in disk utility, the drive is not there just shows my hard disk. In any case, I decided to follow the secont part of your advice and set up a new administrator as then I may be able to run the repair disk from the disk utility as an administrator. This whole process worked fine but the new user was set up as "standard" and not administrator.

Is there any way I can configure the combo drive during the boot up or any other way I can run the repair disk? May 6, 5: When you create the new user account, you have to choose to give it administrative privileges make it an Admin account.

How do I know if my Mac has a virus?

May 6, 9: To boot from the installation DVD, first shut down the computer. Then, start the computer and immediately insert the DVD. Hold the C key as soon as the DVD is drawn in. The computer will then load the operating system from the DVD and not the internal hard disk. If you hear a lot of optical drive activity and it is taking a long time to start then it is proceeding normally. If you followed the "new user" technique above, no choice to administer the account is provided.

How to remove a virus from Mac

It should have created a new Administrator user by default. May 6, Thanks again John. I managed to boot from the DVD, ran the repair disk in the disk utility and it reported back that no repairs were necessary. I then rebooted and went though the second part of your original response again to create another administrator. Still no change, hard disk is full and the new account is standard.

How to remove a virus from a Mac

May 6, 1: Start up from the Tiger installation DVD. Follow this procedure from Mac OS X Administrator user changes to standard and applies equally well to OS X You may need to click the lock icon first. May 6, 2: I did as you suggested - booted from the install disk, went to reset password but then the only disk in the "Select disk" window was the install disk - my hard disk Macintosh HD was not there so I could not get to the "System Administrator root " for my startup disk. I agree something is corrupted, unfortunately I do not know what else to do other than to reinstall Tiger. It won't erase your data, but I strongly recommend backing up your system to an external drive to be certain.

The only concern is your free hard disk capacity, but that is not to be believed given the potential corruption. Don't install a virus checker.

Mac's hard drive fills up before my eyes - GBs disappear in minutes

Such utilities will only cause the very problems you are experiencing. I think I have a virus - hard disk full and administrator rights gone More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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