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For licensing, inquire today. Try It Now. News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters Check out Slashdot, the leading technology news and discussion site on the web. Slashdot features news stories on science, technology, and politics that are submitted and evaluated by site users and editors. Each story has a comments section attached to it where intelligent and technically-inclined users discuss the topics at hand. Freedom from USA says: The Watchtower organization is a business that operates on the voluntary donations from its members. The only problem is that this style of "business" no longer has a place in society.

There is a huge problem with Child abuse in the organization, as admitted by Geoffrey Jackson member of the governing body at the Australian Royal Commission: RalphB from Canada says: I have watched Jehovah's Witnesses closely for more than seventy years now! I visited their headquarters in the early 50's and hope to do so again soon, and again shortly in "Paradise"!

Yes, I am a "Witness" too, and hope to meet you there soon! Freedom from The Watchtower says: The Watchtower has identified the United Nations as an organization influenced directly by Satan the Devil. Proof here from the UN's website: The Australian government is opening a further probe into the policies that Watchtower holds, which makes the organization a pedophile's playground. The hearing is set for March of in Sydney Australia: John from Connecticut from New Haven says: I'm proud to have contributed my labor inside 30 Columbia Heights and am proud and fully support the decisions the Watchtower Society makes in regards to it's properties.

I'm also proud of my older daughter who is donating her professional time at the Watchtower Society. Can't wait to retire to get back into the Full-time Ministry. Donna from Charlotte says: You can see by the comments from all around the world, we are united and love our God Jehovah! Happy Life from Bermuda Islands says: I had the Privilege of volunteering at the Wallkill , New York facility for some years.

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It was one of the Major highlights of my life. If I had the circumstances to work at Warwick Headquarters, I would have done it. I to, over my lifetime can observe and also as a volunteer can say, no where else than in Jehovah's Organization does my life have real meaning and purpose. It is a real delight to belong to a true Worldwide Family that is united by pure love of God and man. There are many fine examples of very young children to those well advanced in years who serve as true encouragement to do what is Right and Wholesome.

The Negative heresy that is promoted by certain people is to be expected, as the whole world is still being influenced by the 'wicked one' -the Devil. That does not discourage us. We only feel stronger and more united. As a family, we offered many prayers to the success of the Warwick Project. With hearts overflowing and with Eager expectation, my family and I look forward to touring that Wonderful new World Headquarters next year! Fultongirl from Middletown says: Some of us are up in years and have health problems so we're unable to volunteer at our new Headquaters in Warwick's building program but it has been and still is a grand privilege to donate through monetary means our love and support to the best organization on earth.

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I have been one of Jehovah's Witnesses for over 50 years and love serving the only true God Jehovah. You will be amazed when you see Warwick Headquaters up front. Only God's spirit could have accomplished this incredible expansion. We owe it all to Jehovah! Dan Steeves from Colombia says: While this violent and merciless world falls daily into an abyss of depravity and corruption, Jehovah's Witnesses in lands live as a loving and united brotherhood proclaiming the only rulership capable of permanently solving ALL of mankind's problems, Jehovah's messianic kingdom.

Report abuse Dec.

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Mac from Coon Rapids says: Being Humans we all sin, and some sin terribly. The witnesses expel sinners from the congregation who are unrepentant when they fail to uphold Jehovah's righteous standards. Other Religions welcome unrepentant wrongdoers and do nothing to teach and encourage them to change. On the other hand none of us claim to be infallible as some church leaders do. We make mistakes as did Paul and Peter but they were able to make improvements and adjust to Jesus's teachings and he forgave them and they moved on, were used by Jehovah and were better men by being humble enough to ask forgiveness and to learn from the greatest teacher.

Amitafal from Mostyn UK says: Reading everyone's comments I have mixed feelings. I have been a faithful worshipper for over 30yrs. Yes Jehovahs is the true God, Jesus his son, ransom is a wonderful gift, resurrection hope certain. However don't ignore the facts regarding g paedophiles- I know several sisters in different congs that have first hand experience of how it has been badly dealt with.

It is a criminal Act and should be reported to the police. The Catholic Church and others have apologised to their victims whilst the WT remains silent. The Gov Body and the organisation is bringing reproach on Jehovahs name. Trust in Jehovah, not men. Study the bible not the WT. Report abuse Jan. Ruth Ogholi from Lagos Nigeria says: Am proud to be a Jehovah's Witness and will always be no matter what happens in the world.

Amitafal and Freedom you have to check the details before drawing conclusions. No case of confirmed sexual immorality is overlooked in the Christian congregation. Any unrepentant sinner is removed from the congregation of which of course non members aren't informed. Moreover, paedophiles are reported to d authorities. Stop spreading unwholesome gossip. DJ from Ohio says: Thanks to Jehovah we have the blessings of our brotherhood wherever we go. The life we have lived has been the best for us, and we are pleased to be dedicated to him. Angie from Amherst, NY says: John My life would not be complete if I wasn't serving Jehovah.

Kathleen from Nova Scotia says: My god, I trust in you. Its like looking through a window of what life will be like in a peaceful new world where pain and tears are just a faint memory. It is just around the corner. We love you Jehovah. DAN from Indianapolis says: Jw have no objections to be taxed, as long as every other religious organizations are taxed also. And in some countries, where they are taxed, they pay it because we give to Ceasar what is Ceasars.

Also, if the org. The money is used for everyday expenses in getting our publications printed and shipped, pay for building expenses, food, lodging and services for the volunteers, financial and material aid in areas of natural disasters, building of kingdom halls all over the world because we are still growing ; and, of course, the expense of renting the venues for our conventions and special events and more. Our buildings are beautiful and we use cutting edge technology, because it is necessary to spread the message of the good news of God's kingdom.

We need money for that; but we spend it wisely and for good uses. No one individual person gets rich by it. Our elders do not have mansions or expensive cars paid by the rest of us, like we've seen in other churches. Our main purpose is helping people to learn about Jehovah and his kingdom, that's why we volunteer. We have the best architects, engineers, graphic designers, printers, artists, builders and so on, in the world.

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And yes, we are all volunteers, but we do it out of love for Jehovah and for people; we do not sigh about it, we do it with joy in our hearts because we are able to see the results of our hard work. Keep on with the good race my brothers and sisters. Eze Allwell kelechi from Port Harcourt says: Jehovah's People are happy to volunteer their time their strength to the upkeep of any building that represent the love and respect for our heavenly Father Jehovah this brings a great witness to all the nation's the Glory we give to our Father loyal love from all 4 corners of the world and will continue without let up, I love my Christian family the nucleus of the coming paradise new world order.

Ayn from Maryland says: Leave us not forget that the volunteers are well compensated. How much would it cost to live for a month in a nice furnished apartment with all your meals provided?

Trump’s son-in-law buys Watchtower HQ, has big, beautiful plans for it

When those buildings become condos, how much is it going to cost? I've been on the tour more than once, and there is nothing else like this organization on earth. Imperfect and wicked infiltraitors aside--there is no way to completely avoid sociopaths sneaking in. Not in an organization that welcomes everyone. The difference is, once you are exposed, you are out.

I'm going to miss getting glimpses of the buildings on TV and movies, but am looking forward to checking out the new digs upstate. Gwen shaw from Wiltshire uk says: No one who has not studed with j w cannot make statements that they know nothing about l to said terrible things concerning there believes but it was only after praying to God and asking for the truth that l could see that they truly live there life in harmony with the bible not like some so called religion where as long as there pleasing the people anything goes one being same sex marriage.

So very sad peaple being missled. Maggie from Alabama says: So happy you and your children got away. Your grandmother sounds like she was a very special person. I don't know you but I love you my sister! Thomas from Florida says: Jehovahs Witnesses are the most peaceful and loving people I have ever known. I have watched and personally seen that they really want people to live a peaceful happy Life! A true worldwide brotherhood A Class apart from the world and any other religion in the world.

I want to be a part of this wonderful Organization. Now I understand why they are hated Because they are not part of this world like Jesus said in John I learned of Jehovah's witnesses been unfairly treated in Russia for this same reason, Please pray for them!!!! Org is a Beautiful website for everyone who wants to learn how to be truly happy and learn the truth about Gods promise for mankind.

Emeka onye from from Nigeria says: Marge from Tennessee says: It,s not about us, it's about Jehovahs purpose being fulfilled, and his sovereignty vindicated. When this is accomplished, then his promises will be fully fulfilled. He know our hearts, no one can fool him. He knows how to rescue his people, and I wouldn't be anywhere else but in this wonderful brotherhood.

Sihle Mbongiseni Shongwe from Swaziland says: We all know that the plans for Jehovah are always the best. He always look for what is best for us. We in a journey to life. Still in this train where we past through different corners. We will turn every corner when the train turns. We looking forward to the new Head Quaters. Anna Ramirez from San Antonio says: May Jehovah soon take care of all humble, teachable and peaceful people on this earth. He will take care of all the woes that we have suffered when being in the company of ignorant people, which includes family members, husbands, and even friends.

Soon the whole earth will be filled with righteous people who will learn how to live peacefully with animals and humans alike. Sin will be removed and we will become perfect through the sacrifice that Jesus Christ gave. No one will be forced to live in such a peaceful place. Dee says: As a member of the organization for over 40 years I can honestly say this way of life without is honest and true.

It is your choice to remain free of world distractions, racism, materialism, drug and alcohol addiction and immorality. Our love for Jehovah and love for wholesome principles that benefit mankind are our driving force. Our hope in God's Kingdom rule manifests our deep rooted faith in divine promise creating a sense of joy and great satisfaction as we carry out our ministry. We will never tire of serving our creator and look forward to the day his name will be sanctified!! Dawn Bell from Charlotte NC says: This is phenomenal how Jehovah has such organization among his people and this is world wide.

It is going to be awesome to be able to live in paridise under the perfect righteous government and Jehovahs rule. Serving Jehovah the true God is the best choice that any living sole can possibly make. I am proud to say I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I absolutely love serving my God and being among his people.

Its a privilege to know some things. Things that even the brightest are deprived of. Its a most beautiful thing to know and be known by Jehovah himself. Report abuse Feb. MMH from Tennessee says: I am so happy to have found Jehovah 31 years ago and so blessed to be part of his wonderful organization. I can say without a doubt that I have the best life ever!!!! Eben from Ghana says: That's Jehovah's chariot moving.

I am proud to belong to Jehovah's org. A paradise earth? We're very close to it. David in East Texas from East Texas says: It's heartening to hear all the comments herein. My neighbor told me about them building their new HQ in upstate NY. Seems like a good move to me - more room in God's country. This neighbor is a lifelong JW and he's a great guy, great friend who is very trustworthy.

It's like they've almost personalized the Gospel to the point of losing the Objective: That His Kingdom and will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. So, good on the JW's for driving that point home. But there are other things Like pointing out that Jehovah has commanded that he be primarily known by his Son's name Jesus Christ, the name above all names.

It's urgently necessary for us to be zealous for good deeds, but they are evidence we are saved, but never the basis for our meriting it, per Ephesians 2: This is clearly a cash out by a religion that's struggling to stay funded. The religion is getting sued by ex members left and right for failing to report kiddy fiddlers to the police. There are webpages among webpages that fact check JW's theology, factuality and philosophy. Those webpages caused people who would normally be receptive to the JW theology to now question how normal this religion is.

It's right up there with Scientology The JWs store is failing due to poor customer service and they just sold Grandpa's Rolex just so they could pay the mortgage for the next few months. Soon, that money is going to disappear and then they'll have to do something drastic again in order to keep afloat.

Speaking of Rolexes, JWs in 3rd world countries are worshiping in tents while the governing body of the JWs are wearing Rolexes.

How does that make you guys feel as JWs? Report abuse March 7, , 9: Douglas Besterwitch from Bangalore india says: Jehovah's organization is a forward moving organization. Only gets better by the day. I'm proud to be one of Jehovah's Witnesse. Report abuse March 31, , 6: Gary Miller from Melbourne Australia says: I've been a JW now for some 19years and don't regret any of it He teaches truth thru His earthly org and it's there to benefit all who listen. We don't get our ears tickled we have to change for Jehovah and His son Jesus Christ and if we don't were not accepted and if we do wrong by Bible standards we arr put out till our attitude changes the really bad stuff the affected parties are told and encouraged to report to proper authorities.

We have no clergy or schools or orphanages to do the wrong thing to anyone in so if thinfs go wrong look at the individual not the organization because we are week and sinful men but the organization is guided by Jehovah. Someone said some wear rolexes i think you'll find there gifts because the brothers in Bethel certainly don't get "paid a wage" they do wjat they do for Jehovah and there fellow man. I love my brothers and sisters worldwide and pray many more learn the truth and come into Jehovah's new world when His time is right.

God bless and goodnight. Report abuse April 9, , 9: Oh and to Lee from Columbia heights you couldn't be more wrong if you tried "cash out" funny man. You need to do your homework better. Hey come learn the truth and taste the wonderful brotherhood as i did all tjose years ago. Report abuse April 9, , 10 am. Dan from Kincardine, Ont. Canada says: I couldn't agree with you more my brother "Gary" from Melbourne, Australia!

People not in Jehovah's organization have no idea that technically speaking , we have the largest amount of construction going on than any company or other organization. One huge benefit for selling the N. Y city properties is so that an "equalizing" can be done, and thousands of our brothers and sisters in so-called 3rd world countries who now meet in not so great buildings CAN soon have a beautiful house of worship!

This takes time, resources and planning!! Report abuse April 28, , 2: Hahahahaha from Hahahahahaha says: JWs workin with Trumps in Dumbo The most sensible statement ever made about both parties. Hopefully they bring each other down! Report abuse April 30, , 3: Daryl from in Missouri says: I served at Brooklyn Bethel two years.

What JWs think and believe is dictated by the Gov. If a JW questions, contradicts, or disagrees with the Body's teaching, the JW faces being cast out with a forced shunning by all JWs, even family members. If the family members refuses to shun, the family can be cast out.

Millions of families destroyed by 7 men now reigning in Warwick, N. More people are leaving the 'Tower' now than ever before. It is the children being indoctrinated that I am sad for. Their parents will reject them totally if they decide to not be JWs. I left gladly soon after leaving Brooklyn Bethel. Life is good after the Watchtower. Whoever you cannot question is who you serve. Report abuse June 15, , 5: Daryl from Missouri says: A great blessing since leaving the Watchtower has been attending a University and attaining my Bachelors degree.

They say it is because the 'End is Near'. Have been saying that for over years now. The end was to come in , , , and a few other dates. The real reason Education scares the Governing Body is that an educated JW will leave the watchtower. Independent thinking is not popular among JWs. Tow the line, don't question is the rule. Living that way is unnatural and psychologically harmful. Fear not the Watchtower. Think, Think, Think.

It is nothing to be frightened of, I say to all JWs. Without those two the ORG would fall. Report abuse June 15, , 6: Tina from Florida says: The reasons I have remained as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and became a baptized publisher, is because, they taught me in my own home. Being deaf was never easy, if I didn't have an interpreter in other churches back then. Having a home Bible study helped me understand my own Bible as God's inspired word, not like the doctrine of man, you see in the world who don't always used their Bible for the teaching, like Jesus did.

Jesus went to the people looking for deserving ones as like sheep without a shepherd, which God send him to earth to preach and he also did miracle from God to heal. He has commanded for us to preached to make disciples of men, not for ours only, but for the whole world. All through Bible time God have given men angels and prophets to warned the people back then, just like in our days. Did they all listen? No that why God, did destroy those of Noah's day, which 8 souls survive.

Where were the rest of their families and friends. There were many times God destroyed those, who did not repent. Soon there will be a Great Tribulation, then comes Armageddon , then after Judgment Day to bring to ruin those of false religion and those who bring to ruin those ruining the earth and those who hate Jehovah. Of course God love the world so much. If our forefather Adam would have listen to Jehovah God of the warning him of not eating from that one tree, we wouldn't all be imperfect, to sin, get sick, grow old, and die. Knowing we are living in the sign of times or else critical time, just as Jesus has foretold.

Not all the blame goes to God, nor Jesus. The blame is due to our forefathers Adam, Satan the devil who rules this world, plus his demons and people like those, who rejected learning the principles of the whole book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. We all make mistakes many times, even those in Bible times, but they did their best to repent, so could you by following their example of faith.

It is better to learn now on your own, or having those of Jehovah's Witnesses help you within a Bible study, or go to jw. No you don't have to be a Jehovah's Witnesses to learn or find somethings that may interest you from there. That is why we have the government body at the Watchtower of Brooklyn and now Warsaw worked hard in their learning to make all these Bible, books, publications, and other available for us to learn, and through our congregation, just like in the days of Moses there was a congregation, where people came together to be in the same mind and the same line of thoughts.

Truthfully it isn't easy being a Christian, but we can try our best by being Jehovah's friend like Abraham was Jehovah's friends and start studying today so we came gain that experience today and when we get into the new world in God's due time. Today no matter where the headquarters is of Jehovah's Witnesses is they have headquarters all over the world that must have came from Brooklyn, New York way back then.

Report abuse June 19, , Enrique from California says: Vonda V. I believe that Jehovah felt something like that too, when you decided to go back. That is good news. None of us is exempt to the suffering and problems this actual system of things causes. But it's a relief to know that there is an organization, compose of imperfect humans, fighting against evil influence, to become better people and give hope to others in a hopeless world.

We are far from being perfect, God is the only one that can help us with that; if your house is dirty and unsafe to live, you just clean it and make repairs to make it habitable. God will clean and repair the world removing those whom make it impossible to live in peace including those who pretend to be holy or saints or better than others.

JW's are in the right path because Jehovah is using them to fulfill the prophecy. Matthew Jonno from NZ says: Report abuse Oct. Cindy says: Patricia from Georgia USA says: Love reading all the positive comments on here. The old headquarters served its purpose and now it's time to move on. Jehovah knew the right time to sell these buildings he never ceases to amaze me. Praise Jah! So Jared Kushner purchased the buildings and property. The Same Kushner that borrowed billions from Soros? The same Kushner who's office resides at in NYC? Bible Prophesy on schedule. Sassy Lassy from Michigan says: Natlie from Natlie net.

Even People who says there Jeovah s witness are not rely one like my Elderly Mother she says she 1.

But she s not rely one becouse she rely don't act like one. Report abuse April 15, , 2: Natlie says: Hello friends, I really came hear to share my testimony on how i became an Illuminati member, through my friend. After a month of being a member of Illuminati i got a promotion that same month at my working place and within a year i was promoted twice to the point of being a managing Director.

So i just want to share to the world that Illuminati is for real and Are you a Pastor, Politician, Business man or woman, Musician or an Artist,the church. So if you want to become a member i can lead you into the cult of Money, Fame and Power and you will never be poor again, Remember money is power.

Report abuse May 22, , 2: They are desperate and now selling thousand of their kingdom halls churches because they need money. They are re-constructing their kingdom halls as well to make it appealing for real estate and sell them off. That's the real reason all this moving, fixing and selling is coming from.

Karen from San Diego ca says: I've been one of Jehovah's witnesses for over thirty year and have seen this organization on the move speeding up in the last days as the Bible points out. The ridiculers will ridicule, the wicked will go from bad to worse. I don't mention these scriptures because I leave it to you to look it up! Any sexual offenders can be turned over to the authorities by the offenders.

Don't think this is new,J ehovah has determined a time when evil doers will be done away with look at Sodom and gomorah destroyed because of their sexual practices. The elders are not the police but will remove offenders from the congregation if proven can't go on hearsay. Do you know how many who have left the faith would accuse ones of wrong doing if it were left to hearsay? The elders would listen to the one being wronged then call in the one accused and talk to them to see if they need to be disfellowshipped.

The one offended has the right to go to the police and press charges. These days are like Noah's day some won't listen til the war of the almighty sweeps them away just before that they will know it was by Jehovah and his son will be the one leading his heavenly ones in this war and save the ones who believe and have faith of course the Bible says Jesus will carry on this warfare.

In closing I could count my time for writing this but I'm not going to so as not to stumble others to think that I wrote these things for time. I do this out of love. All this I quote from the Bible be it King James new world translations or others. Hope this helps some. I lived and worked there as a "Bethelite" back in the mid 70's. Then I discovered the Governing Body had lied in the Yearbook about the prophesied resurrection for the year being a "probability rather than a certainty.

Watchtower p. I did leave, and have never entered a Kingdom Hall from that day to this. How can known liars be the "source of truth" and "God's channel"? The Governing Body cannot possibly be the "faithful and discreet slave" they claim to be. Otherwise would God really have told them to spread the word that "vaccinations are filthy pus that never saved a human life; it does not prevent smallpox" and that "organ transplants are cannibalism"? The Golden Age, February 4, , pp.

Would Jehovah lead his "name people" to die for errors while the rest of the world who didn't listen to his "channel" lived?